Sintai vietnam factory Sintai vietnam factory
Protrade Bencat in Binhduong (1H away from Ho Chi Minh City)
Brand new facility (full operation in 2019)
  • workshops
  • warehouse
  • canteen
  • showroom
  • R&D center
  • Land Area
    50,000m²(12.4 Acres)
  • Capacity per Month
    60 x 40ft containers


  • 2017
    Sintai Vietnam’s first phase construction completed.
  • 2018
    Pilot run productions.
    Qualified as Target audited factory.
  • 2019
    Started mass production of outdoor furniture for Target.
    2nd phase of construction complete.
    Started mass production of indoor furniture for AtHome.
  • 2020
    Developed mix-material items:
    - Wood & Rope
    - Wood & Wicker
    - Wood & Metal

A peak at the factory

  • Step 1 Work environment
    We aim to provide a clean, spacious, well organized and safe working environment for our employees while adopting ISO standards and best practices to ensure we meet your social ethics standards, and that our employees are well cared for.
  • Step 2 Training
    We regularly hold training sessions and workshops for our staff so everyone is up to date with the latest techniques and know-hows. We also adopt the 5C Workplace Organization management system to facilitate a safe and efficient work flow and environment.
  • Step 3 Certified
    We have passed major external factory audits by reputable companies such as Target Corporation. Our facilities have also been FSC certified, while we always ensure that all our materials and components are all well organized and clearly labeled.
  • Step 4 Showroom
    Welcome to visit us, whether to look at the production line, or to look for ideas in our showroom.